Tuesday, January 1, 2008

On one of our last nights in Prague, we ate at a pizzeria that served our pizza with freshly shredded parmesean cheese on top. It was less finely shaved than what you find at a typical restaurant in America. We loved it! And decided to try it. Here is the cheese, waiting to go on the pizza. Of course Max, the cheese-monster had to come over, investigate, and steal a few pieces. I only took one picture before shooing her away and didn't realize that her eyes turned out wonky until I looked at the picture today on the computer.

Here is Rocky. Thomas was doing the crossword puzzle, and Rocky wanted to join in. I wanted to include this picture because Thomas was wearing the latest scarf I'd finished. I just love the colors, and I think they set off nicely against Rocky's brilliant green.

I've mentioned before on the blog Max's love of ice. I had left a glass of ice water, unattended, on the counter. She had to fly over and help herself. It appears as though she's learned that she is too heavy to safely perch on these orange glasses -- she's stretching herself out as tall as she can go. The last time she tried to perch on the cup, it tipped over and we had a cold mess everywhere! In this picture, her eyes are partially pinned, showing how happy she is.
And here I've captured one of Max's less dignified moments. From the looks of her feet, she had been parading through large globs of poop. I searched all over, but couldn't find any piles with parrot footprints in them. In any event, we had to get the caked-on poop off of her feet, so she went into the bathroom for a little foot bath. She also got a little lecture about being more careful where she walks, but we doubt that made much of an impression on her.
And yes, we do still have caiques, budgies, lizards, and fish. I will try to get some new pictures in the next week or so.

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