Thursday, January 31, 2008

More adventures with Max and Rocky

The other day, Max flew in to find us in the kitchen, and she looked like this:

She's not even cleaning up after herself, mashbeak! She came to find us, probably because she knew we were making dinner. Here she is, hoping to try a bit of our dinner, vegetarian chili. You can still see the steam coming off of it! I warned her several times that it was hot (which she understands) and then got her away from temptation soon after taking this picture.

As an aside, when we first got Max, we gave her a spaghetti noodle that was too hot (we thought it was fine, but apparently not!) She loves noodles, so she gulped it down, then must have realized it was too hot, and pulled the entire noodle out of her body, using her foot. Since that time, we've been MUCH more careful with the temperature of the stuff we serve them.

We thought it was rather funny that her next move was to this:
Rocky was hanging on to Thomas's shirt, and when Thomas went into the pantry to grab something, Rocky jumped off and landed on the wire shelves that are on the door.
Here he is after righting himself, as though a pantry door were a perfectly normal place to perch. I should rename this the Max and Rocky blog. If I didn't have them, I don't think I could keep up a blog about my parrots. The rest are relatively well-behaved (and therefore kind of boring, for a blog).

In other news, I was worried that we'd lost a couple of our Australian Rainbowfish, as I could only count 7 for a few days. Happily, all 9 were there last night, and no one looked sick.

Daphne and Jeff Saturday are sharing a cage again. He seems to have completely healed. We still hope to get them a larger cage soon, but this one will do for now. Jeff Saturday has been stepping up almost all of the time, even from inside of his cage. Yea for progress!

It has been ridiculously cold here still. To run this morning, I had on 2 pair of pants, 2 shirts in addition to my running jacket, a ski mask, hat, and 2 pair of gloves. And parts of me were still cold! I had to go back to bed after my shower and warm up before I could face the day. I am very much looking forward to spring! Already I've noticed the sun coming up earlier and staying out later. So now I just have to survive the next few months. Tomorrow is a treadmill day.

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