Friday, January 25, 2008

A couple of days ago, Thomas was trying to read a magazine (fascinating profile of Steve Martin in Smithsonian). Of course, Rocky was right there, making reading difficult. This particular article had a subscription card sticking in the middle, so he played with that as Thomas tried to read. Finally, he gave up and finished the article upstairs, in bed.
This is what I came home to yesterday. All of the parrots have been in extremely destructive moods lately. Max in particular. She had this toy from Parrot Asylum in her cage for well over a week. I'd hide some pellets in there, but she did not destroy it. Then, I came home yesterday to find out that she'd destroyed everything she could in one day! What goes on in her head? Why did she practically ignore the toys for a bit, and then take it all apart? Anyway, I love it when they play with their toys (that is why we buy toys for them!) so I was very happy to see this!
And here she is, playing with another toy from TNT Bird Toys. I thought these foot toys would be too big for her, and had ordered them with the intention of giving them to Rocky. However, Max loves them and plays with them frequently. She rips all of the paper off, and then loses interest. However, Rocky likes to throw them around after the paper has been removed. That's one of the benefit of having similar-sized birds -- toy sharing!
And here is Andreas. I think I've mentioned that he has been a lot more fun recently. We had been feeding him greens only one time a day, but have noticed that he seemed a little hungry at night, so we've started to feed him twice a day, and he's happy about that! (He always had seeds and pellets available to him, so we weren't starving him!) Here he is, munching on his evening meal. He still has not completely molted; it's taking a lot longer than we thought it would.
And we cannot believe how quickly time flies by. It's Friday already, and almost the last day of the month! December and January were Thomas's two worst months of the year, work-wise, so we're happy that it's almost behind us. Rocky is looking forward to having his mate around more! Have a great weekend!

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