Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Here is Daphne perching on a little toy. I've been making a point to give her more one-on-one attention lately. Max and Rocky are so demanding that they end up taking a larger-than-their-fair-share portion of our time. The caiques are less demanding than Max and Rocky, but still require a lot from us. The budgies are so easy going that sometimes their needs get overlooked. Jeff Saturday is still recuperating, which leaves Daphne. She loves the extra attention she's been receiving, so I'm going to have to keep doing this!

Here are a couple of videos of Andreas that I took this morning. I was trying to show how he glass-dances. I'm not entirely sure why they do this, but I assume it's because they want to come out. When I notice them doing this, I'll take them out for a few minutes and let them get a little exercise.

After I put him back in his tank after taking him out this morning, Andreas went into his hide for about 3 minutes, and then came out again to bask. These uromastyx are so different from anything I've experienced before; I just hope I understand their needs enough to provide them with a good home.

The only reason I'm also putting this second video on is because of the background noise. I just had the radio on this morning and didn't notice how appropriate the background sounds were until I watched the video again. As the song says, "fall to the ground," Andreas falls over. Then, you can hear Rocky saying "bye bye" after Andreas falls, just as I shut the camera off.

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