Monday, January 14, 2008

I feel bad about making a comment last week about how it almost feels like I'm single at times. Thomas was having one of the worst days ever on Friday. One of his patients vomited on him. Then, another one threatened to kill him by strangling him with her phone cord, punched him in the face, and bit his arm several times (luckily she was missing teeth so the result of this was just a creepy gumming). No more complaints out of me as I know he has it much worse!

He was home quite a bit this weekend, though, and the parrots were so happy. Last week I talked about how we were so excited that Beeps's flying ability has improved. I guess this is another example of "be careful what you wish for" as he now takes every opportunity to fly to us when we're on the couch. Generally, I find this adorable, but it did get to be a little much as I was trying to knit or read and all of a sudden a caique was on my hand! He is spectacularly good at landings, though.

In this picture, Rocky was under the blanket with Thomas when Beeps decided to fly over. Rocky had to investigate what all of the fuss was about.
Unfortunately, Beeps's eye turned out goofy in the picture, but he loves hanging upside down. We'll often find him in his cage, hanging upside down, and when he's perched on our hand, he'll do a flip so he's hanging like this.
Rocky's hormones are out of control and I really wish there was some way that we could ease the pressure on him. I know that it can't be comfortable for him to feel like this! On Saturday, he jumped from his cage to the couch, landed on me, and bit me on my head. He didn't do much damage as my skin is stretched tight against my scalp so he couldn't grab on to much, but it was still uncomfortable and in the moments before Thomas could get him off of me, I was terrified that he might bite me in the face. The reason, as far as we can tell? I was sitting on the side of the couch where Thomas usually sits and he was mad about that. Needless to say, I am being very vigilant around Rocky and hoping that he returns to his normal self soon.

Thomas was showering, and when he has parrots in there with him, that means singing. You can hear Thomas's voice, but Rocky is the reason I'm putting this on the blog. He's singing and dancing a little. Max is on the far right-hand side, and you can see her dancing. Beeps was on the lower level towel rack and not in the video, but he was dancing as well.

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