Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I don't know why I get such a kick out of the greys hanging out on the stand together, but I do! Shortly after I took this picture, Max started hitting Stella with the rope figure-8, so I moved her to a different stand.

Yesterday was a bad day in our house for avian interactions. As was our normal morning routine, all of the birds (except Daphne) were out as I walked in between the living room and kitchen, refilling food and water bowls.

I was in the living room, and heard very agitated squawking coming from the kitchen. I dropped everything and ran in to see that Max had Beeps pinned on his back. She was attacking him. I separated them, but she had already bit him on his cere, and there was a small amount of blood.

We were very lucky that nothing worse happened, and Beeps is on his way to a full recovery. However, Beeps and Max are not allowed out of their cages at the same time if I'm not able to give them my undivided attention to separate them before things get this far. I couldn't get a good picture of Beeps's injury.

Onto happier things...

Here was Max playing with a wine cork. As soon as she saw it, she started saying, "want some!" but she dropped the cork soon after I gave it to her. I think she must have thought it was something different.
A few months ago, I purchased these bags from Envirosax. They've been fantastic and it's now a habit to bring them in with me when I go shopping. They are able to carry a rather substantial number of items in them. My goal is to not get a single bag from any store in 2009.
Thomas and I were able to get a bit of hiking in, but I left the camera in the car. I took a few pictures as we were leaving the forest, and this was the best one. I just love Autumn -- absolutely my favorite time of year!
We got a ton of broccoli from our CSA:
Which Thomas turned into soup. He made enough so that we can have it a couple of times this week, when we don't have as much time to cook.My neighbor gave me some cranberries, so I made the cranberry muffins that were in my favorite cookbook, "How To Cook Everything Vegetarian" by Mark Bittman. I made the recommended substitution of some cornmeal for flour. They were incredibly delicious! I also made a banana bread (with chocolate chips and coconut added for Thomas); that's on the left.
As usual, the weekend just flew by! It's been cooling off, which has meant very pleasant sleeping weather. Of course, that makes it a bit harder to get up in the mornings, when it's so nice in bed...

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The muffins and banana bread look delicious!