Monday, October 20, 2008

Indecent parrot activities

Rocky is very happy that it's gotten cooler outside and Thomas is wearing pants (as opposed to shorts) in the house. When Thomas is sitting on the couch, one of Rocky's favorite places to hang out, chipping wood, is towards the bottom of Thomas's pants.Unfortunately, I was not able to get this on video, or even a still picture, but Rocky actually climbed up Thomas's pants and emerged again via his waistband. By the time Thomas realized what was going on, he couldn't get Rocky to exit via the pant leg, so he had to let things go to their conclusion. He was a bit worried about Rocky misbehaving in his pants, but I am pleased to say that all went well.

In this video, he is chipping up a untreated 4X4 pine slat. He works quickly! Too bad there's not a market for these little chips to help him earn his keep!

We had swept the living room Sunday morning, but here is what the entire floor looked like by the time we were ready to go to bed:If you listen closely, you can hear Rocky chipping wood in Thomas's pant leg. Rocky enjoys it when Thomas moves his leg around like this. We have no idea why!
After one of these sessions, Thomas drops little wood chips behind him as he walks around. I joke that he wouldn't get lost in the woods because he could follow his trail.

Rocky decided he'd had enough of Thomas's pants, and climbed up to join his buddy on the couch. Thomas was studying for a test he had today -- maybe Rocky is trying to join the medical profession?

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Mallow said...

I would have never imagined a that a pant leg (with a leg in it) would be a good place to hang out. :D