Friday, October 24, 2008

The face of jealousy

Here is the face of jealousy:

And another picture, from this morning:

The object of her jealousy? This one:

Max has exhibited very jealous behavior of late, especially as it relates to Stella. For the past week, Stella seems to be trying to initiate a better relationship with Thomas. She's been flying to his shoulder. If you read my recent post about shouldering, you know that he's not exactly happy about this. But he's able to remove her from his shoulder and interact with her in a way that doesn't put his face at risk for bites. This has made Thomas very happy, as we really didn't want Stella to become a one-person bird. However, this has made Max very unhappy. If Thomas doesn't remove Stella from his shoulder quickly enough to satisfy Max, Max will buzz Stella off of his shoulder. Since they both can fly, this results in greys circling the room for a few seconds until they get their bearings and land on a stand. Talks with both of them encouraging a friendship have been futile...

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ashley said...

I remember that look very well with Katie!