Friday, October 24, 2008

Stealing my food, with an accomplice

Wednesday evening, I went out to dinner with some friends, leaving Thomas home alone with the parrots. Since I was to eat dinner an hour or so later than normal, I had an after-work snack of a muffin. I was eating the bottom, saving the best (top) for last. The top was resting on the counter.

Then, Thomas arrived, macaw in tow. Rocky started begging and finally got his way -- a bite of my muffin top. At least someone enjoys my baking!
Also, unlike the last time they were home alone, Thomas reported that the parrots did not behave perfectly for him. This supports my belief that he was exaggerating how well they behaved last time!


Sammi said...

I saw that picture, and I just HAD to have some fun with it.
(If this doesn't work, lemme know.)


Mary said...


That is really funny :) I've seen some LOLcats before, but never a LOLbird :)

Thanks so much for making me smile!!!

DoodleBird said...

hahahaha I love that picture!