Monday, October 20, 2008

Saturday morning paper

Saturday morning, Thomas and I were reading the paper and eating breakfast. Of course it is impossible to do this in our house without hangers-on. First, Beeps flew over to perch on Thomas's arm.The green-eyed monster overtook Max. She had been happily playing on her stand, but as soon as she realized Beeps was receiving attention, she had to go over and get her share.Max got bored perched on his hand, so she hopped off and started exploring the kitchen table. This caught the attention of Stella, who decided that she also needed to join in the fun!All of these pictures were taken while he was on the same page of the paper -- probably less than one minute.

Where's Rocky, you may ask? Why, of course he's hanging out on Thomas's feet. Thomas complained about being so popular, but I know he secretly loved it!


Beloved Parrot said...

What a wonderful day y'all must have had!

DoodleBird said...

I just can't get over how adorable your Caique is!