Wednesday, October 29, 2008


This may be perhaps the most boring video I have ever posted. Just prior to making this video, Max was singing and dancing. As soon as she saw the camera pointed at her, she turned into a statue. I think this is the longest I've ever seen her stand still. I can't even imagine the caiques staying still for this long.

Below, I thought this was typical Max, foraging wherever she can. Along with our vegetable CSA, we get a loaf of bread every other week. This bread is unsliced, and with only two humans in the house, it would go moldy before we could finish it normally. After a day or two, I slice up the bread, put it in little containers, and freeze the containers, setting myself up for toast breakfasts.

As I was putting the containers in the freezer, I looked behind me to see that Max had taken advantage of the crumbs on the cutting board. To her dismay, I cleaned up this mess shortly thereafter.


Mary said...

Max makes a good statue! He's too cute!!!

Mary said...

Thank you, Mary. She can be so infuriating when she clams up in front of the camera. Especially when she was just doing something adorable 1 minute before!!!

Mallow said...

I guess it's time to practice your stealth videoing techniques.