Thursday, June 11, 2009

Grey vignettes

I was thinking last night that I should have called the blog "Grey Musings" instead of "Parrot Musings" since they seem to dominate things lately. I will try to remedy that this weekend and try to take pictures of everyone else!

I put on a new CD yesterday and Max started dancing in the craziest way I had ever seen. She only does it half-heartedly for the camera, but you can still get the idea:

Stella is still obsessed with digging in the carpet near our back door. We were both in the middle of chopping things for salad dinner last night, so she got to spend a little more time there than normal (just a few seconds). I am so happy that she just pulls up the carpet and doesn't damage the shoes. But we often find little pieces of carpet in our shoes, and in this picture she has a piece on her back.As always, I feel compelled to say that nesting behavior should not be encouraged, especially in females, who can become egg-bound. We are very lucky in that Stella willingly steps up from this position. Unfortunately, she uses her grey determination and stubbornness to continually return to try to dig.

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