Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Old times

After several months where Thomas was with us every evening, June arrived. Unfortunately, it's a call month, which means 30-hour shifts at the hospital. The animals and I were alone last night. For the most part, he was greatly missed. The fish, lizards, and Daphne are indifferent. Calypso is actually happier when he's not around.

I brought Calypso and Max in the kitchen with me as I was preparing dinner for myself. Stella was in her cage because the stove was on, Rocky was in his cage for reasons I'll get into in a later posting today. Daphne was in her cage because I always supervise her when she's out due to her much smaller size. Beeps was out, but chose to stay and play on his cage instead of joining us.It was just like old times, three years ago, when Max and Calypso were my only larger birds.

Calypso is the best I've ever seen in using his beak, feet, and general cuteness to stick to me even when I'm trying to set him down. I've left the house 10 minutes later than intended twice this week already. Sometimes he's so adorable I can't even stand it.

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