Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Yet another farmers' market purchase last week were radishes. I don't think we've ever given them to the parrots before, although my memory may be faulty! From his reaction, this may be Rocky's favorite food. He couldn't get enough of it! He was so quickly eating the radish.The greys weren't interested. Neither, surprisingly, was Calypso. Beeps took one and completely destroyed it. I don't think he ingested any; it was a toy.

These will stay on my farmers' market list!


Meg said...

Radishes are certainly a huge favorite here with Claudia! The others eat them, but I don't think they are a favorite with them. They are the perfect texture for Claudia, and she loooovves her spicy foods! Unfortunately, I can't feed pepper (severe allergy) so she has to make do with other things, like radishes, raw ginger root, spicy greens, etc.

Mary said...


Thanks for the idea about raw ginger root. I think Rocky might enjoy that as well.

After writing this, I forgot to pick more up this past week, so hopefully I'll remember next Wednesday!