Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Spice girl, cont

Last week, I mentioned how Stella had flown over to the spice cabinet. Since then, it's become quite an obsession with her. It's interesting as she ignored the cabinet for the first year she lived with us, but suddenly she can't get enough.

Because I don't want her hanging out here, where the temptation to chew the cabinets might be too great, I've been trying to make sure the cabinet is completely closed unless it's in active use.

Last night, I wasn't careful enough. I was eating dinner in the living room (Thomas was working so I was alone with the parrots). As they often do, the greys decided to be anti-social and flew into the kitchen.

They were spending time on their stand, ordering me to come and get them. However, when I did get them and bring them back in the living room, they flew right back in the kitchen, so I decided to let them be as long as they were just hanging out on the stand.

I heard wings flapping and a small "thud," so I went in to investigate and found this:
Which quickly turned into total head immersion in the cabinet:
I had left the cabinet slightly open, and she took advantage of the situation. Having learned my lesson, I carefully close the door and brought the greys into the living room with me. They immediately returned to the kitchen.

After a few minutes, I heard wings flapping and a slightly louder "thud." This time, I found this:
She was hanging on to the cabinet; just barely. When she realized I was there, she started putting her foot out for me to grab. She had to wait to be rescued until I took a few pictures, though!
Why is so she obsessed with this cabinet? It contains human vitamins, spices, olive oil, and vinegar. There are no parrot treats inside! She has not tried to enter any other cabinet. I'm hoping this is just a fleeting interest and she gives it up as quickly as she noticed it.

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