Monday, June 29, 2009

Vice Versa

Over the weekend, it appeared as though Beeps and Rocky had switched bodies.

Rocky occasionally likes to hang out on Beeps's cage: eating his food, playing with his toys, etc. Beeps's cage is the cage that Rocky lived in for several months at the bird rescue. It's a little small for a severe macaw, so when we brought Rocky home, we also got him a macaw-sized cage and used his cage for Beeps.

We're not sure if Rocky likes to go on Beeps's cage because it's familiar to him (though he's been in his large macaw cage for almost three years, much longer than he was in the smaller cage), or perhaps because it's located closer to the kitchen?

Beeps doesn't really like Rocky to be on his cage, but Beeps is quite agreeable and nonconfrontational, so he'll usually fly off to the kitchen and play on a stand instead, ceding his cage to Rocky.

This weekend, I was in the kitchen with the greys and Thomas was in the living room with everyone else. Rocky was eating Beeps's food, and Beeps had been playing on the couch with Thomas.

I heard Beeps fly somewhere and, a few seconds later, heard Thomas say, "I guess turnabout is fair play, huh Rock?" Of course, I had to come in to see what was going on:
Beeps was eating Rocky's food! (They get the same food).

Later, they were both hanging out on Rocky's cage. Of course Rocky had to threaten me. Shortly after I took this picture, Rocky headed up to eat his food, and Beeps flew back to his own cage.
All was right with the world again.

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