Tuesday, June 30, 2009

No pictures today

My car wouldn't start this morning! So frustrating! In any case, I had to walk to work and didn't feel like carrying my camera with me, so the entries I had planned for today will have to take place tomorrow instead.

A story from yesterday:

Beeps and the greys were hanging out on a stand in the kitchen. Somehow, Beeps managed to get pooped on! I didn't want to send him to bed with a wet head, so I had to get him cleaned up this morning instead.

I brought him into the shower with me, but the water itself wasn't doing the job -- his head needed to be rubbed a bit. He wasn't pleased about my attempts at this, but we found a solution. I'd put my hand very close to his head, and then he'd shake his head, rubbing it against my hand.

He's poop-free once again.

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