Sunday, January 22, 2012

Max and Calypso explore my bedroom

Max and Calypso are settling into their roles in a reduced flock.  I think they are both pretty excited to have more attention from me.  Calypso, in particular, is happy that Thomas isn't around as much.  He's always climbing down from his cage to come and find me.  When Thomas was around, he didn't feel comfortable enough to do that.  It's exciting to see him come out of his shell more.

Yesterday, I was packing to spend the evening with my parents.  Max flew to the stairs and then walked up the rest of the stairs to find me in the bedroom.  Calypso walked to the bottom of the stairs and then beeped expectantly until I brought him up as well.

The two of them wandered over my (as yet unmade) bed while I packed.  They were good supervisors:
Calypso eventually made it over to my pillow, which reminded me of the Arrested Development episode where Buster was upset because there was a (wild) bird on his pillow.  I wasn't upset by the bird on mine, though!  I thought it was cute.
I predict that the three of us have many good times ahead!


Stephanie Taylor said...

I love that show/episode!

Mary said...

Good news!! So glad to see the birds happy as well. I'm glad Rocky is doing so well too. You're doing more than one step at a time, you're running to your new life!! Neat for a runner to be able to do that!!

Anonymous said...

They look so happy! Any leads on Beeps yet?

Anonymous said...

It sounds to me like little Calypso knew right from the start that Thomas was a jerk. I am so very happy to read that you are doing better!

elizabeth said...

why did you mentioned arrested? Now i'm craving for some new episodes... thank god there will be a new season this year!