Sunday, January 22, 2012

Updates on all who have been displaced due to my impending divorce

I have updates on everyone who has had to leave my house due to my impending divorce.  In order of their departure:

Stella is doing amazingly well.  Her vets visited her at home last week as they are friends with her owner and they just love her.  She is very lucky to have gone to an amazing home.  She is loved by her owners, by her flockmates (especially the severe macaw!), by her vets, by everyone!

Here is a picture of her on her new kitchen counter.  Isn't she as gorgeous as ever?
Rocky is up at the rescue, but doing really well.  He enjoys all of the activity and rarely screams.  He comes out on his stick and steps up for most people (still not me, though -- I must use a stick!)  He lives next to a female severe macaw, and the two of them have stuck up a friendship through their cages.

He sings, talks, and is having a great time.  What a resilient guy!  I hope to get him in a home soon, but severe macaws are difficult to place, so I'm glad he's somewhere where I can keep an eye on him until we find the right home.

A few pictures:

Basil went home yesterday.  He was supposed to be a foster, but then we were going to keep him since he fit in so well.  The plan is for him to come back to me someday once I have a house.  His family is so glad to have him back, though!

He remembered them and fit right back into the routine -- yelling at their dog "Bad dog!" and sharing meals with the family.  They've promised to update me regularly on him, but his transition was basically seamless since he's going back to his old cage, routine, etc.

Of course I miss everyone at home, but knowing that they are happy is a burden off of my shoulders.

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