Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Stella update

As I've mentioned before, Stella is in a fantastic home.  She lives with another CAG (Ellie) and a severe macaw (Tango.)  Tango loves grey parrots, so he is beyond happy to now have two girlfriends.  I've been getting near daily updates and pictures on how well she's doing, and the one I got last night really made me smile:
I hope you had a great weekend.  I can't believe we've only had Stella for a week already.  We celebrated with french toast.  She is a very good eater. It must be a grey thing cause they are not picky like Tango.  Who by the way is in heaven with his 2 girlfriends. They all hang out together in their room and talk back and forth Tango does most of the talking but Stella is making lots of noises back at them. They are all so sweet my little loves.
I just received this additional update that made me laugh out loud:
They all throw kisses back and forth amongst the 3 of them in there its like a kissing festival. Too cute.
I am so happy for Stella and thankful that she is in an amzing, love-filled home!


Mary said...

That's so cute, the kisses! Glad that baby is happy! It must relieve you to know that!

Shannon said...

Such great news, Mary! Thanks for sharing and keeping us updated about your girl Stella. Does Max miss her at all? Can you tell?

Mary said...

Mary -- thanks :) It is such a relief to know that she is doing so well.

Shannon -- Max does not appear to miss her at all. I think Max always wanted to be an only bird, so she is reveling in the extra attention from me.

If she missed Stella, I'd think she would fly to Stella's stand, or make some of Stella's noises, but she is just acting more or less normal.

Interestingly enough, Basil appears to miss Rocky a bit in that he'll make some of Rocky's noises. I think he'll be really happy to go back to his previous home as well.