Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rocky's last day at my house

The day after Stella went home, Rocky went up to the rescue.  I was hoping to place him directly in a home to prevent his return to the rescue, but I was unable to find a place for him.  He was very unhappy at my house with Thomas gone.  He would scream, non-stop, for hours.  It was stressing me out terribly, at an already stressful time in my life.

I had a friend come to my house to help me move his cage.  Thomas refused to help out.  He's basically checked out and has not been helpful at all.  He's the one who destroyed the marriage, and I'm the one who's having to do most of the work now.  It's just unfair and I can't wait until this is over and I can start my new life.

Here are some pictures of Rocky on his last day at my house:
In the carrier, about to leave for the last time:
I heard that he's doing OK up there.  I will be up there tomorrow and I can see how he's doing.  I feel terrible that this is what happened to him.  Once again, he was just supposed to be a foster, and Thomas begged me to keep him back in 2006.  I acquiesced, and now Thomas abandons us.

Rocky's a tough guy, and he's living near two other severe macaws.  I'm hoping that his resiliency will serve him again until he can find a new home.  I will update on his progress, perhaps with pictures.


Stephanie said...

While this is the kind of news that makes me really, fervently hope there is such a thing as karma, I also hope you aren't taking it out on yourself. There is nothing you can do here and the decisions you're making are clearly in the best interests of your flock. I know it breaks your heart. And I know you will all get through this.

I can only wonder what kind of human being can take a rescued animal, particularly one as sensitive as a parrot, allow himself to become its primary bond, and then abandon it entirely. Words fail me, really, but I hope it comes back on him tenfold.

Stay strong and take good care of yourself.

Meg said...

Oh, I do not blame you a bit for taking him to the rescue, Mary but.... this post is just heartbreaking. I hope he is doing ok there.

saemmabel said...

My positive thoughts are with you and Rocky. I really really hope the next home is for always.