Thursday, June 12, 2008

More Max Mischief

Our community has a farmers' market on Wednesdays, and we've been taking advantage of that. Since it's early, all that's been available so far have been greens, asparagus, and edible flowers. Yesterday I also purchased some basil so that we could make our own pesto (which turned out quite nicely!)

Thomas placed the cleaned basil leaves in a bowl in preparation to make the pesto. I'm not sure what it is about bowls of greens, but Max is enthralled. As soon as she sees this, she has to fly over and start emptying the bowl. (Notice the greens on the counter. Those were all in the bowl before Max arrived).
Here is a video of her emptying the leaves on the counter. You can hear Beeps beeping in the background. We stopped her and rewashed the basil after taking this video!


Stephanie said...

Max has good taste! I wish we had a farmers market around here. We can usually get corn but not alot else. :(

Mary said...

Max just feels like she needs to be involved in everything :)

I feel so bad for you -- farmers' markets are abundant here. I guess that's more incentive to try to grow a garden!