Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A typical evening

We've been eating a lot of salads lately. The farmer at the market makes a wonderful greens mix, and we got some mushrooms in our CSA last week. Thomas chopped up the mushrooms and had them in a bowl, waiting to be parceled out onto the salads and the pizza that we made. Of course, nosy Max had to come over and started eating the mushrooms:
You can see by the way her eyes are pinned how much she's enjoying it! She also saw the bowl of greens and had to come over and start throwing them out of the bowl. I don't know what it is about greens that makes her act so destructively!
Back in the living room, Rocky has started hanging out under his cage again! I think this is one of the most adorable things that he does, and he hadn't done it for several months.
Kika was also making us laugh yesterday. Even though she has plenty of wood toys in her cage, even some that are exactly the same as in Rocky's cage, she had to stretch out her body to destroy his. He did not seem to mind the intrusion!
I was sitting on the couch and assembling toys to give to the birds currently residing at the shelter where I volunteer. Max gets quite jealous when I do this, as she wants all of the toys for herself. She climbed down from her cage and perched on the shoes I wear around the house. Finally I gave her a wood slat to chew (even though she has plenty in her cage) and she walked happily back to her cage.


Anonymous said...

Huh! Yes, Sam does the same with salads - unless they happen to be coated with a certain delicious French salad dressing. Then he seems to be quite content to lick that off!

LOVED Rocky in the scarf. He looks like he's ready to go touring. (Surely NOT hate songs!)

Mary said...

How funny! I wonder why they do that with the lettuce? Interesting that Sam does that, too. All of the rest of my parrots behave around salads, but Max can't control herself.

That was the first knitted object I ever made, and then I entered the picture in a cat sweater contest (it had flexible definitions as to "cat" and "sweater") He didn't win, but his picture did show up on that blog!