Monday, June 23, 2008

Weekend recap

We had a pretty busy weekend. I left work a bit early on Friday in order to run a few errands. We had symphony tickets for the evening, so Thomas and I stopped to get a coffee drink (the concert didn't even start until 8 pm and we wanted to stay awake!) We brought the drinks home and were drinking them in the kitchen while doing other things. All of a sudden, I felt a sharp pain on my right forearm and looked down to see a caique attached to my skin, grinding away. Devilcake! As best as we can tell, he was angry because I didn't offer him any of my drink which looked like a smoothie (due to the caffeine inside). Luckily he didn't do serious damage and my arm is almost healed.

With the rhubarb I bought last week, we made a rhubarb-pineapple compote. Here are a couple of in process pictures:

The finished product did not look appetizing, but was absolutely delicious! I've been adding it to my morning yogurt instead of honey.

I know I've posted pictures like these before, but I just love this routine Thomas and Max have. This usually only happens on the weekends, when he has a bit more time to eat breakfast and read the paper. She waits patiently (well, for a timneh) for him to finish. She'll occasionally throw out a "want some!" or start dancing around, but Thomas reminds her she needs to wait her turn.
And then, when he is done, she is allowed to drink up the remaining soy milk:
On to my other grey! When we got her, less than 2 months ago, we were told she was terrified of toys. What a difference 2 months makes as she is now a master toy destroyer. I know I've mentioned this before, but I think one of the best parrot toys is a simple untreated 2X4 chopped into thin slices. We drill some and hang them on wire or chain in their cages, and also give them out as foot toys.
Here is a short video of her destroying the wood:

While we are lucky that Thomas is handy enough to slice the 2X4s himself, you can buy these at places like The Parrot Asylum. Every single one of our birds (even Daphne our budgie) has toys made with these in their cage.

Let me finish with a scare I had this morning. When I looked in Andreas's cage, this is what I saw:
Why would he sleep like that? I was terrified that he had died during the night since both of the lizards are usually so careful to contain themselves fully in their hides (they are prey animals, after all). Luckily this was a false alarm and I brought him out to warm up.

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