Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Grey videos

Here are a couple of grey videos that I took over the weekend. Kika was clipped when she was surrendered to the rescue, so now we're waiting for her flight feathers to grow out so that she can fly. In the meantime, we have been having her flap her wings so she can work on strengthening her muscles. She loves this and will often start flapping when I pick her up.

In this video, Max is eating a pellet. As I've mentioned before, Max does not have a food dish in her cage. Every morning, I wrap her pellets in little pieces of adding machine tape and hide them in her cage for her to find. We've recently started doing this with Kika, slowly (5 of her 20 pellets are wrapped and hidden) and hope to soon have her on 100% foraging as well.

Max really loves foraging, and I think it's adorable how she eats the pellet out of the wrapper.

Also, in the background, you can hear Rocky making his vomit sounds. I did a quick search and was amazed that I haven't talked much about this before. I will do so in an upcoming post. His vomit sounds are how he lets us know he wants something (he used to scream). As soon as I finished taking this video, I gave him attention so as to avert the screams!


Sharon said...

Is Kikki new... New or not she's very cute.

Mary said...


She's lived with us for about 6 weeks and we officially adopted her maybe 3 weeks ago? She was supposed to just be a foster but we fell in love with her and she's joined our flock!