Monday, June 2, 2008

That's not Rocky!

We stopped in at the bird rescue where we volunteer last Saturday. I really think my husband might be half-macaw. Over the years, he has interacted with scores of macaws, and I honestly can't think of one that didn't like him. A few minutes after meeting him, the Illiger's macaw in the picture above is putty in his hands.

A few years back there were 4-5 female blue and gold macaws all up for adoption at the same time. They would start calling for him as soon as they heard his voice in the shelter. He'd let them out, and they'd blush and vie for his attention. At the time, he joked about leaving me for his harem of ladies.

Rocky would be pretty jealous if he knew what was going on behind his back!


DweezelJazz said...

That's really lovely and totally amazing!

Mary said...

I know! I've tried to watch him and pick up his skills, to no avail. He just has this aura about him, apparently.