Monday, June 9, 2008

Parrot relationships and Kika update

There are times in our house when all of the parrots are getting along quite well...
And then one of them (usually Beeps) has to instigate another one (usually Max)...
Thomas is currently a resident physician, which means that he's graduated from medical school but is still in training before he can get his license and practice on his own. During this additional training, he spends quite a few nights on call, which means he stays at the hospital (with no sleep) overnight. The animals and I were alone last Friday night, when Max and Rocky resumed their strange friendship.

When Thomas isn't there, they often like to hang out in the little area in front of our stairs, and sometimes on the stairs themselves. I can't figure out why they do this, or why they only do it when I'm alone with them. Thomas thought I was making this up until I showed him pictures.
A few Kika updates. As I mentioned in my previous post, we try to get the parrots to make decision for themselves. Here is Kika deciding which piece of dried fruit she wants to eat:
This made me so happy! I was knitting on the couch and looked up to see her playing with a box that was on top of Rocky's cage. I was happy that she felt comfortable enough to do that! Of course then Rocky had to come over and play with that box even though it had probably been three months since the last time he'd played with it!
We have to get Kika a new cage. She's currently in the dome-top cage that we got from the rescue when we were fostering her. I really prefer the play-top cages since the parrots spend a lot of time on top of their cages and a play-top seems to encourage that type of play better. Hopefully we'll be getting one in the next month or so -- I have to get my act together!!!


Shannon Ryan said...

Looks like typical parrot interactions. My two male cockatiels have little spats now and then over ownership of Chipper's book. But nothing ever serious.

Mary, can you explain a bit more about clicker training? I've heard about it, you use it, and I'd be interested to hear basically what you do and why you do it - if you have the time at some point. Thank you!

Mary said...

Last night I was watching 2 mourning doves in my backyard behave a lot like Max and Beeps with the fighting. So interesting!

What perfect timing for your clicker training question. I had a breakthrough with Calypso last night and was planning on doing a clicker training post anyway, so I'll expand it a bit.


DweezelJazz said...

Congratulations to Thomas! Adorable photos of the birds together :) And I love your new banner.

I think it's so great that you give the birds as many choices as possible.

Jazzy has shown herself to be perfectly aware and wanting to know what her day will be like and she has a definite stake and wish for certain things to happen. As she learns more and more words and what they mean, she's able to have more foreknowledge of what will happen. When she knows in advance she's much happier and at ease. And as she experiences more and learns the language to go with those experiences, she also becomes more capable of asking for what she wants - and she does! :)

Mary said...

You hit the nail on the head -- when they know in advance what's going on they're much happier and at ease. I love how you worded that!

None of my parrots are very verbal, so I love hearing stories of Jasmine and her talking. But mine are still able to communicate what they want and understand so much!