Monday, November 10, 2008

Beeps videos

I took these videos the day before we left. Thomas was "singing" (not quite sure what to call it) and Beeps was doing flips around his seed cup and stopping occasionally to dance. Of course I wanted to capture this on video!

I managed to get one flip and a little dancing in here. It gives you an idea of what was going on, but Beeps does not really like to perform for the camera. Imagine much, much more flipping and dancing.

Then, just as I was shutting off the video, Thomas let a little profanity slip. It's hard to hear if you're not looking for it, but I was hoping to get Beeps to do it again so I wouldn't have to put any profanity on the blog.

First, Thomas knows he's not supposed to swear anywhere near the parrots. Rocky knows several swear words, but we try not to reinforce them and I think it's been months since any have come out of his mouth. Also, although our greys are not prolific talkers, by any stretch of the imagination, they have the capability of speech and I don't want swear words to be in their vocabulary.

Second, I can kind of understand why he was so upset as he had just noticed the stack of attack-ad campaign mail that I'd piled up on the counter en route to taking it out to the recycling bin. This does not excuse it! (Also, boo for living in a swing state! When we got home from vacation, every single message on our machine was a robocall attack message.)

After he calmed down, Thomas promised to not swear and to try to help me capture Beeps flipping and dancing again. This video makes me laugh and I think it's because I can see Thomas's arms in the background as he gets excited about his "singing." Unfortunately, this attempt, and subsequent ones, were unsuccessful.


DoodleBird said...

How cute!

Snoopers said...

cute indeed! I used to sing for Jasmine, maybe its a guy thing? I may even be marginally more tuneful than Thomas, but it's a close call.

Mary said...

Snoopers -- I can't imagine that you could be any less tuneful than him!

But the parrots really seem to enjoy his method of singing; especially when it's combined with silliness. I'm sure Jazzy loved it as well.