Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Random stories

I don't have pictures of these, but here are a few things that have happened recently in our house:

We had been eating pizza, and I put my plate with the uneaten crusts on it on the floor. (Like savages, we eat in the living room because it's easier on the parrots). Rocky saw that, ran over and picked up a huge piece of crust (Also, we make our own, so it's not super unhealthy. However, this was a BIG piece for a little macaw). He was very determined and running, so we wanted to see what he would do. He ran to the inside of his cage, put the crust in his water dish, and then climbed down and ran up the couch and onto Thomas.

About 10 minutes later, it was like a realization came to him. He quickly descended from Thomas, ran to his cage, fished the crust out of the water and started eating it. Thomas went over to grab it out of his beak, and he continued eating as fast as he could until it had been taken away.

Thomas and Rocky were showering together this morning, and Thomas was regaling him with a medley of songs from Guys and Dolls. Whenever he'd sing "Luck Be A Lady," Rocky would get excited and sing along loudly, and every time he'd sing "Paul Revere," Rocky would start making his angry sounds. This happened several times, and made me laugh each time. Must be a Brando fan. I'm going to have to watch the movie soon to see if the actual songs elicit similar responses.

Beeps flew into the living room from the kitchen yesterday and attempted to land on Thomas's chest. However, he misjudged his landing and flew right into Thomas's head instead. Beeps was unhurt.

Thomas and I were working out last night at the same time, something that rarely happens. Rocky was on his stand next to Thomas's elliptical machine, and I was on the treadmill, on the other side of Thomas. Rocky spent the 30 minutes making threatening gestures at me, except when his favorite commercials came on, at which point he'd stop to dance.

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Richard Lyon said...

I love posts like these.

Your blog has been a huge help to me - it has helped me realize how normal my birds are.

Harley and Rocky could be brothers! (Except for the whole different species thing... but they are brothers in Spirit.)