Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Shoes are not your babies!

As I've mentioned before, Stella has been trying to nest in the carpet we have in front of the door that leads to our garage. It's also the place where we leave our shoes so as not to track anything inside the house.

While she'll immediately step up for me from her nest area without any problems, she tends to give Thomas a bit of trouble. She'll strike at him a little bit, but eventually step up without problems. This morning, I was coming into the kitchen when I heard Thomas say, "Shoes are not your babies! Quit trying to bite me!" I doubt that will have much of an effect on her future behavior, though!

One thing that makes me very happy is Stella's increasing confidence. In August, the last time we left them with the bird sitter, she reported that Stella would not venture off of her cage. This past trip, just three months later, she was flying all over the place. I'm just so pleased at the progress she's made!

Another example of this happened this morning. On Sunday, Thomas and I went to a local apple orchard and bought a peck of apples. We've been eating the Honeycrisps, and they are unbelievably amazing. I left my apple unattended in the kitchen while I went into the living room to give Beeps, Calypso, and Rocky their slices, and I returned to see that little nibbles were being taken out of my apples:
For the first time this season, Beeps showed extreme aggression against Thomas last night. He made two successful launches at Thomas's head, and several more that were thwarted when Thomas ducked in time. All were done when Thomas was interacting with Rocky, so we're unsure if there's some sort of Beeps-Rocky jealousy going on. If there is, Rocky is oblivious to it.

Poor guy. I can tell he wants to be his normal, sweet self, but the hormones take over and it's like he loses control over his actions. I may try to pick up some chamomile tea to see if that will help.


DoodleBird said...

Aren't honeycrisps delicious??!! They were cultivated here in Minnesota, so you would think they'd be less expensive for us. Uh, no. But they are totally worth the price!

Mary said...

Honeycrisps are the best! We have finished our half peck and need to go and get some more. I've been averaging 2 a day, I think.

I didn't know thy were first cultivated in MN. How interesting!

These are the best apples I have ever eaten.

DweezelJazz said...

It's very lovely to see how Stella is coming along. :) :) :)