Wednesday, November 19, 2008


It's been awhile since I've posted a shower scene. Thomas is feeling under the weather, and showers help with his aches, so the parrots were treated to a rare evening shower last night.

That's Rocky -- Max -- Beeps up there. Stella was in her cage because I was making vegetarian chili and couldn't risk her going near the open flame on the stove.

Calypso must have a sense of when I need to leave. Again, today, he was soliciting my attention when I came in to say my final goodbyes to everyone. He didn't want attention last night or earlier in the morning when I had time. Good thing it's OK if I'm a few minutes later to work than originally planned.

Sugar Selections mentioned in the comments that she wants to make apple butter. Me too! I really hope my food mill gets here so I'll have it for use on Saturday!

Over the weekend, Rocky was hanging out in Thomas's shirt. Similar to what he was doing on videos I posted here. He especially likes doing this when Thomas is wearing sweatshirts.

I like it when he does this because I can pet him through the shirt and he thinks it's Thomas so he likes it! At any rate, Rocky was in Thomas's shirt, and Beeps flew over to hang out with Thomas. He was intrigued by the movement, so he'd walk over there and gently explore the lump that was Rocky. As he got bolder, he got a little rougher with Rocky, who finally came out from under the sweatshirt. This shocked Beeps, who flew back to his cage.

The lizards have been extremely active. I think possibly they got shocked out of their brumation when the house got down to 53 degrees and then back to normal. I've seen both of them every day for about a week, and they're even eating. I'll try to take some pictures, if they're out today.

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