Friday, November 14, 2008

Guess whose wings got clipped last night?

Rocky's, of course. He was going to get 3 attacks on me, but the two that happened were within minutes of each other, so he was trimmed. Why tempt fate? He already seems happier. I managed to duck one of the attacks, but for the other, he landed in my hair and was trying to climb up to attack my head. Luckily Thomas was right there and extricated the macaw, so no bites.Also, Stella is not the only one who likes to hang out with the shoes. We really need a separate room with a door where we can take off our shoes; until we move, we're stuck being vigilant as someone has been chewing on one of Thomas's shoes. He is not happy about that, as you might imagine.Speaking of Stella, she continues to like to hang out by the stove. We try to discourage this as much as possible (I moved her right after taking this picture). For her safety, she has to be in her cage whenever the stove is on. I'm just glad we don't have to deal with this with anyone else!
I was clicker training the greys last night; I guess I'm going to have to start putting the other one in her cage. Max was on the top part of the stand, and Stella was jealous that her training was over, so she started climbing up this figure-8 in order to get to Max and stop the training.

Rocky got into trouble several times last night, so Thomas had to grab him up. He really enjoys being held like this -- I wouldn't recommend it with most parrots! His hands would be bloody if he tried this with any of our other parrots. Thomas like to say he's palm-sized; good thing we didn't adopt a blue-and-gold macaw instead!Max got some more Thomas pets last night. Rocky was quite jealous of this. He was making his vomit begging sounds and climbing on Thomas to try to divert all of his attention. She looks so startled in this picture!Speaking of startled, last night Rocky was lurking around and trying to get me. I know when he's in this mood because he starts walking really slowly. He knows that when he walks slowly his nails don't click when he walks, so he has the element of surprise on his side.

What he does not know is that I always make sure I know where Rocky is because I don't want to be attacked. I pretended to walk down the hall, but in reality stayed right behind the corner. When he lurked around the corner, he was shocked that I was there and not where he expected me to be. He jumped several inches in the air and let out a little scream of shock. Thomas and I couldn't stop laughing and Rocky eventually joined in. He's a really good sport!


Beloved Parrot said...

Your house must be wonderful -- all those parrots and all the trouble they get into.

I love your blog.

Mary said...

Wonderful is one way to put it -- insane might be another.

Thanks for the nice compliment :)