Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Upon arriving home

Thomas got home from work in the early afternoon, and since the parrots hadn't seen him for almost two days, they were overjoyed to have him back.

I got home from work and went into the living room to say hi to everyone. This is the scene that greeted me -- Thomas on the couch with his two buddies (Beeps is not nearly as hormonal when I'm not there, so Thomas felt safe having him on his chest).

I went back into the kitchen to open the mail and eat a snack before starting dinner. Rocky climbed down from the couch and walked into the kitchen, which provided me with the opportunity to take a picture of the way I raise my foot to him that prevents him from attacking me. My heel remains on the ground, and the front part of my foot is raised towards Rocky. Even though he wants to attack, he respects this body language.

After taking that picture, he started walking away from me, so I filmed him. This certainly isn't the most exciting video I've ever taken, but it shows the way he nonchalantly walks around our house. You can hear the clicking of his feet on the tile, which is a sound I'm always listening for; I don't want him to be able to sneak up on me!


DoodleBird said...

I'm curious, why does he open his wings like that?

Mary said...

As far as we can tell, he does that because he's trying to show me how big and scary he is. This is usually accompanied by him raising the feathers on his body, which also helps to make him look bigger.

He often does this to me, but only does it to Thomas when he's wearing the hated red hat.