Friday, November 14, 2008

Some London pictures

Here is Thomas in front of a pub that reminded him of Rocky (since he often calls himself Rocket, we occasionally do as well). Thomas did not want to get a haircut before our trip. He told me that mop-tops were in; just look at the Beatles. I told him that was from the 60s, but he didn't care.And I took this picture because my friend, S., has a timneh grey named Harley. Can you believe she has a pharmacy in London? Busy parrot :)This picture was taken in Kensington Gardens. The wildlife was very tame. I have never seen such fat squirrels!These were taken in Kew Gardens. I love the one with the fish; something about the composition really spoke to me.These were taken in St. James's Park, across the street from the entrance to the Churchill Museum and War Rooms.

This picture is kind of grainy, but you can see the bird on the right taking flight. Thomas was using the zoom to try to see what kind of birds these are. Pelicans, maybe? (EDIT: a friend just told me they might be egrets?)This squirrel was trying to get into the bag Thomas was wearing (he would have been disappointed since we didn't have any food in there.) He actually had his front paws on the bag, trying to get inside! Unfortunately, Thomas didn't notice at first so he couldn't get the picture in time.And some of the interesting waterfowl that were hanging around.There was so much activity at St. James's Park! If we didn't have things to do and it had been a tad warmer, I think we could have spent all day there!

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