Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lonely showers

My showers have gotten a bit lonely lately.

Rocky's been banned from sitting on the curtain rod after he made a few menacing gestures my way and I realized that I wasn't willing to take the risk with him. He can shower with Thomas.

As I've mentioned before, it gets too hot for Daphne to handle, so she stays in her cage.

For months, the greys and caiques accompanied me, and all was well. However, Beeps's hormonal impulses over the past few weeks have rendered him too unreliable. I'm anticipating he'll make it back to the level of acceptable shower companion shortly, but he's not there yet, leaving me with Calypso and the greys.

Yesterday, I lost another companion. The three parrots were on the rod, with shampoo bottles separating them, as seen in the header of my blog. As I turned to enter the shower after brushing my teeth, I noticed shampoo dripping down the door. Stella had chewed a hole in the bottom of the bottle!

She is unable to sit up there without a barrier to the other parrots, so she's temporarily banned from my showers until I can find a different parrot-separater.

That leaves me with just Max and Calypso, who are delightful. They don't even need to be separated as they stay on their own sides.Stella appears to have not ingested any shampoo, or at least to not have suffered any ill-effects from her escapade. I supposed I should have anticipated this happening, given they are parrots, but the previous 3+ years of showers in this house, including almost 7 months with Stella, never saw any of them attempt to chew through the bottles.

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