Friday, May 22, 2009

Lizard happiness

As usual, I'm anthropomorphizing, but I don't feel like my lizards are often happy. We provide them with about the best care we can in captivity, yet I still think it's not enough.

The one time they get excited about anything is when they get to eat dandelion flowers. We don't use pesticides on our lawn, partly for that reason. During dandelion season, I'll pick a few flowers for each of them as I come home from work.

This is Elsa, my female. I usually give these to her by hand, but wanted to get it on video and she doesn't always have the best aim (she's accidentally gotten my finger before when I wasn't paying attention). I'm always amazed at how quickly she grabs up the flower and devours it!

And here's Andreas. He's the more personable and happier of the two. He seems to enjoy watching us and will come out of his hide occasionally to check things out. Sorry for the bad camera work!

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