Monday, May 4, 2009

No pics, but we both got bit this weekend

And I'm blaming Thomas for both of them.

Mine happened first, on Saturday morning. One of the many things that gets Beeps riled up enough to bite is when we change the parrots' food and water dishes in the morning. Therefore, the rule in our house is that Beeps does not get to come out of his cage in the morning until this task is completed. On weekdays and some weekends I do this as Thomas has to be to work before me and is in a bigger hurry. Other weekends, I've sometimes already left the house to run, leaving Thomas with this job, and he can risk a bite if he wants to let Beeps out. This really is only an issue the four or so days each month we're both around on a weekend morning.

Thomas knows this rule, but thinks it's "mean to treat Beeps like a second-class citizen." My response is that Beeps has shown us that he can't restrain himself from biting during this time so it's safer for everyone involved to keep him caged for an extra 10 minutes or so.

Saturday, unbeknownst to me, Thomas let Beeps out. Predictably, he flew at me and attacked my arm. I was not quick enough to get out of the way in time as I did not expect him to be out. He barely broke the skin and I will be completely healed in a few days.

Sunday, Rocky was hanging out on the couch, nesting in the blankets. He was aggressively posturing towards Thomas when he approached the couch. Thomas ignored the warning signs and sat down anyway. Rocky responded by biting him twice in quick succession, right on the hip. Because he bit him through his pants, he didn't break the skin, but there is a lot of bruising right now.

Later that evening, Thomas was upstairs playing a video game. I was reading on the couch. Rocky climbed up on the couch and solicited head pets from me! Then he climbed all over me and my book, asking for attention. I didn't want to disrupt the magic and run to get the camera, so I have no photographic proof of this happening. The strange journey of our relationship continues...

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Shannon said...

Sorry you had to get bitten, but it's part of the territory of having parrots, isn't it? I can usually avoid bites if I'm alert to Sam's signals, but occasionally I'm plain old stupid :) Hey, that's great news about Rocky cozying up to you. Let's hope that behavior continues - at least now and then if not consistently yet. Maybe in 10 years you might be reliably quite good friends!