Monday, May 4, 2009

Leaving behind a path of destruction

Parrots are messy and destructive. I am lucky in that my parrots, for the most part, recognize what is acceptable and appropriate for them to chew and what they should leave alone.

I've mentioned before that we have to leave wood slats in strategic places around the house for when Rocky gets the urge to chew. He used to take a chunk out of the fish tank or the base board, but that was just because he felt he needed to chew right then and nothing else was available. When given the choice of approved chewing materials, he'll leave our house alone and stick to parrot wood.

I believe I've also told the story of Rocky's day of freedom from his cage a few years back when he escaped through a food dish holder. He climbed on to the couch, removed the bookmark from a library book, and proceeded to leave little bits of bookmark in all of the rooms in our house. It was fun to see physical evidence of how he'd spent his day, and I was so happy that he didn't destroy the library book. We promptly got him a new cage with better food dish locks.

Friday evening, I had just swept the kitchen floor. After a few minutes, I returned to find this:
That's an almond on the left and a piece of wood on the right. This resulted in more sweeping for me!

Yesterday, Thomas called me into the living room and said I was not going to believe what Rocky did. Here it is:He gently removed the batteries from our remote control. Since he's been ignoring the remotes for years, we've gotten lax at making sure they've been placed out of his reach. No longer, as I really don't want him thinking he can play with batteries.

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Shannon said...

Yep, "path of destruction" is a pretty good description of life with parrots!