Thursday, May 21, 2009

Trying to hatch

Yesterday morning as I was in the living room tending to the birds' cages and the greys were in the kitchen, I heard a big "thud!" followed by fluttering wings and then quiet.

Of course this strange series of auditory events prompted me to investigate. Last I'd seen them, Max was on the stand and Stella was perched on the sink.

Apparently Stella had moved over to the counter where we stack our recyclables where they wait until one of us is going outside. She knocked over the pizza sauce can and then flew down to try to hatch it.

Getting it in position:
Doing some digging:
Sitting on her "egg":
After I took this series of pictures, I returned everything (sauce can) and everyone (Stella) to more appropriate places. She repeated this, so I took the can out. No need to encourage nesting!

Luckily she remains very sweet and immediately stepped up even while nesting.


Meg said...

That is too cute! Definitely something to discourage, though, lucky she is still like Claudia with no obvious hormones.

It is so funny to me what parrots will do in their effort to figure out what the should be doing (biologically speaking.)

Elizabeth said...

Wow, I've heard of birds pretending that itty bitty toys are eggs, but not a can! That's really funny. I love how puffy she is in the picture.

Audrey (male) thinks that the cany coated Cadbury eggs that are sold during Easter are eggs. But they're the same size and shape, so he's pretty close.

Mary said...

Meg -- you're right; we are so lucky that all she does is dig. I wouldn't be surprised if she tries to take a chunk out of us someday, but so far so good!

Elizabeth -- that's cute! Max did this with a marble once (which must be much smaller than timneh eggs?) so both of my greys pick strange things to pretend are eggs.