Wednesday, May 6, 2009


One of my quirks is that I really like balance and even numbers. This presents itself in many areas of my life, including with the parrots. We do have 6, after all, including 2 caiques and 2 greys.

I'll often have a caique perched on each hand and it makes me so happy! Same thing with the greys, although there it's often because they're initiating it. If I'm holding Max, Stella will often fly over to be held as well, and vice versa.

Last night, Thomas was in the kitchen and had a grey on each hand. Originally, he just had Stella. Max was apparently feeling left out and claimed his other hand.
They were having a great time, and then jealous Rocky noticed. He grabbed an almond from the plate and sidled up to his favorite person:
We've tried unsuccessfully to add another budgie to our house -- Daphne wants nothing to do with that! We've also thought about adding another severe macaw to our house, but decided against it. If we could guarantee that Rocky and the other severe macaw would get along, we'd probably do it. But, with parrots, there are no guarantees. And the last thing I need is another Rocky wandering around. I might go insane!


WendyKnits said...

On the CBS Evening News last night there was a item about how Dom DeLuise's family asked that donations be made to a parrot rescue group, accompanied by a story about a woman who has taken in parrots and talks about the challenges that come with rescuing birds that have been abused or abandoned. I of course thought of you! Thank you for what you do to help these beautiful birds!

Meg said...

I saw an old interview of Dom DeLuise on tv yesterday, and he a beautiful Meyers on his shoulder, I am so glad to hear he supported rescued parrots!

Also, I can completely understand about the budgie issue..... I am having enough trouble with that here! I have been very lucky in working with my birds over time to get even bird haters like Frank and Chester to not only accept a mate/buddy, but to become inseparable from them. The budgies, however, well...... Birds definitely can be picky in the friends, and they do change their minds!