Monday, May 18, 2009

We're back!

We had a wonderful time! I hope to have a bunch of pictures posted in the next day or so.

The parrots were just fine during our absence. Especially Rocky, Daphne, and the caiques. The greys were less happy that we were gone. Stella didn't fly off of her cage and attempted to bite our bird sitter (I'll call her "S") when she was going inside her cage to replace her water dish. And then there was Max.

Max behaved horribly! I'm actually a bit embarrassed about this. She was quite mean to S and didn't listen to her. When S would try to put Max back in her cage, Max would fly away. At least she was getting exercise! But S is a pro and managed just fine, with only some hurt feelings on S's part. We're going to have to brainstorm some strategies for her to use next time we're gone.

When we got back, the parrots were very happy to see us. Except for Calypso; he's still mad that I left and will probably be so for about a week. Rocky was a bit excited, so Thomas couldn't pick him up with his hands, leading to work-arounds like this:
The greys were wonderful; they couldn't get enough of us. Normally when I get them out of their cage, they immediately fly into the kitchen. When we got back, neither one would leave my side, although things are back to normal now.

It's good to be home!