Friday, May 1, 2009

More greys

Last night, Stella found a box I'd placed near the back door so I'd remember to take it out to be recycled. It must not have been to her liking as she walked out right after I took this picture, and right before I was going to remove her myself. I don't want to promote nesting activities with my females!
I've made yet another batch of double chocolate bars. Obviously, the parrots are not allowed to eat any, although that doesn't stop them from getting their hopes up. As soon as Thomas cut himself a square, Max flew over, demanding, "want some!" and then perched on the container while giving him a sad look. Stella then flew over to the counter. In my opinion, less because she wanted some chocolate bar and more because Max was there and she didn't want to feel left out. You can see Beeps in the background on the stand, keeping an eye on everyone.
I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! I'm not doing any races; instead, we're hoping to get a good spring cleaning started. I'm hoping it's warm enough to roll the parrots' cages outside so they can be thoroughly cleaned with the hose.


Dr. Chip Council, CGEIT, CISA, CISM said...

Oh god. My greys Pablo (CAG) and Tika (TAG) love going outside when its warm enough. They also try to guilt me out of french fries and coke.

Beloved Parrot said...

Same here with the chocolate; you'd think I'd been starving them.

At my house I don't have to worry about leaving things around that might promote nesting -- just having air in the house is more than enough encouragement for my cockatiel hen!

I've been doing a lot of serious decluttering myself, and it's very rewarding.

It's Derby Weekend here in Kentucky -- and around here that's about all everyone does this weekend. Watch the races, and/or drink, and/or search and search for something else to do (I'm not a big horse or racing fan myself, but don't tell anyone. They'd kick me out of Kentucky. I don't think all that much of mountains either). ;-)

Beloved Parrot said...

Hey! Where's Rocky in this picture? You've got Thomas in the picture -- Rocky must be near, right?

I bet he's hanging onto Thomas' shirt tail, right?

Charli likes to hang and ride upside down on my tee-shirts.