Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Greys, again, again

Yet another post about my greys and their interactions with each other (and to a lesser extent, with Thomas).

I took this picture on Monday night because it was one of the first times I'd seen Stella on the upper level of the stand, where Max usually perches. Sorry for the backlighting! As you can see, Max did not appear particularly upset with this arrangement.
According to the time stamp on the pictures, I took this one about 25 minutes after the first. I'm not sure how it happened, but they had switched places:
Then, they started chasing each other around. Often, Max will hang upside down and attack from below:
Thomas, who'd arrived home in the meantime, was getting a bit frustrated with them chasing each other around, so he grabbed Max and sat down to read a magazine. It's a bit hard to see in this picture, but his elbow is resting on the table and Max is perching on his hand. Almost immediately, Stella flew over to the back of the chair and would periodically bonk him on the back with her beak.
Finally deciding that wasn't achieving the desired results, Stella flew over to the table, displacing Max in the process, and started demanding head pets from Thomas:Good news about my car -- the battery had died and it was still under warranty. Thomas jumped it last night and we brought it to the shop, where they replaced the battery free of charge (even labor!) I ran up there this morning and picked it up, saving me the hassle of having to ferry Thomas around in order to have a car to get to work.

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Meg said...

It is always so interesting to watch how they interact with each other, and with the humans in the house. Especially how it evolves over time. I ma really enjoying seeing you chronicles of how the greys get along with each other.