Thursday, August 27, 2009

Agitated Beeps

Late last week, Thomas was reading the paper at the table. Beeps was out and about, and decided that he wanted to be near Thomas. So he flew over and tried to land on the paper that was hanging off of the edge of the table, hovering over Thomas's lap. Luckily Thomas was able to lower the paper so Beeps could land safely on his lap. Beeps got another lecture about making sure that a spot is stable before trying to land!
Thomas placed him on the table. He decided to hang out under the newspaper.
He's just so photogenic, I couldn't resist putting up a couple of these pictures! He's starting to get a bit agitated in this picture. He's standing up straight, his feathers are puffy, and his eyes are starting to turn a bit red.
In this video, you can see him getting a bit more agitated. Had I stayed where I was much longer, there's a good chance I would have received a flying attack! The beeping he does here is a sure sign that he's gearing up for an attack. When added to the mechanical head movements and the deliberate plodding, that's almost a guarantee of an attack. One thing I love about him is how transparent he is! When he gets worked up, I know it!

After I hid the camera from his sight, he quickly calmed down.


Beloved Parrot said...

You're right, he is so photogenic -- he's just adorable.

parrot said...

Nice pictures and video. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great lesson in Caique body language! He does seem pretty easy to read.

He sounds like a little submarine. :)