Friday, August 7, 2009


I have discovered a new form of Rocky crack. I have never seen him completely eat so much food and not leave any crumbs. I know they've had cucumber before, but I don't remember this reaction out of him. The farmer from whom I bought these will enjoy hearing about their popularity on Wednesday at the next farmers' market!

With the flash, he looks almost neon green:
The other parrots enjoyed theirs too, but not to the extent that Rocky did. I gave a piece to Max and tried to get a picture of her eating it. However, when she saw me standing there with the camera, she dropped the cucumber and ran over to me. Rocky ran over to the discarded vegetable, picked it up, and ran over to the other side of the table to eat it:
He is just attacking this cucumber! Eating it so quickly, and then making sure he grabs up any that had fallen to the table. We have enough to last us a few days, so we can experiment and see if this was a one-time thing, or if we've found a new favorite food!


belovedparrot said...

Do you peel the cucumber? I want to try one with Charli!

Mary said...

BP, we did peel the cucumbers, because that's how Thomas and I like to eat them. We just offered some of our food to them. I'd bet they'd eat them with the skin on and just discard the skin, though.