Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The evolving grey relationship

The greys and their evolving relationship fascinate me. There are times I wish that I had more greys, because I would love to see their interactions. This isn't going to happen anytime soon, though!

The first memory I have of these two interacting is the first day we brought Stella home. Max was displeased, and buzzed Stella who fell off of her perch and reopened her mutilation wound (we should have been supervising more closely). No harm done, luckily!

What a difference a few months makes! Now both flighted and of basically equal size, their interactions are not so one-sided.

Take this scene I came across the other day:
Max was playing happily on the counter when Stella started stalking her. In this second picture, you can see Max is uncomfortable, as she's placed her foot on the wall in an attempt to move further away from Stella.
Right after this picture was taken, they both took off on a loop around the kitchen and landed, separately, on their stand.

This morning, the greys were in the kitchen with me. I left the room for a minute, and when I came back, I couldn't see Max. I quickly found her in one of her favorite places: perched on the seat of a chair. Stella saw this and quickly took perched on the other chair seat.
Sorry for the blurriness; Stella has been sticking her face in the camera at every opportunity, making for some uncomfortable close-ups. I'm hoping this is just a stage.

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