Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Stella vs. the neti pot

I wish I had video editing capability/skills, as this would ideally be in one movie instead of three (pretty short) ones. Stella had been doing this for quite some time when I finally decided to take a video. Unfortunately, I captured the three components best in three different videos.

First: she attacks the neti pot as it's drying on the counter:

Then: she flies down after it (in this video, she is then soliciting head pets from the neti pot -- this was the only time she did that. Obviously, she did not get any head pets).

Finally: she attacks the neti pot on the floor. This morning she threw the pot, chased after it, threw it again, chased after it, etc., for at least 5 minutes. Thomas and I couldn't stop laughing.

As an added bonus, you can hear Rocky screaming from the living room!

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Best in Flock parrot blog said...

I can haz scritches? :)

When Rocky let out his scream in the background, my pionus let out a really high-pitched shrill beep in response. She rarely makes that noise so Rocky must have gotten her pretty excited.