Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Thomas is finishing up a string of night shifts, which means he has to try to sleep during the day. Normally, this isn't a problem even though our house is filled with noisy parrots. They make noise constantly when we're on the level of our house where they are. However, when we go upstairs, as long as they can't hear us, they usually settle down after a few minutes and are pretty quiet, with the exception of toy playing (bells) and the occasional whistle or screech.

Not so yesterday.

I was at work and Thomas was trying to sleep. He called me in the afternoon to complain about the parrots.

Thomas: "I can't sleep because the parrots are being irritating."

Me: "I don't believe it. They're quiet during the day."

Thomas: "Not the greys, not today. Listen."

I do not know what got into the greys yesterday, but they were en pleine forme. Whistling, beeping, talking, screeching -- noisy.

Thomas: "They've been doing this for over an hour. I'm just going to get up."

He investigated and couldn't find any reason for the increase in noise. I guess they were just happy.

Personally, I love the noises greys make. I find the noise soothing and it makes me happy. Unlike, say, macaw screams or caique beeps. Thomas generally agrees, but not when he's trying to sleep!

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