Monday, August 31, 2009


With the exception of Daphne, my parrots are obsessed with kissing. The greys constantly will yell, "Gimme a kiss!" and the other parrots respond with kiss sounds. When they're not on us and Thomas or I asks them for a kiss, they respond with the noise. When they're on us, they put their beak next to our (closed) lips and sometimes make the sound.

They occasionally get into what I call kissing contests, where they seem to compete to see who can give the loudest and/or longest kiss.

Stella was in a particularly kissy mood over the weekend. She kept running after Thomas, asking him for a kiss. He finally picked her up, and all she wanted to do was nuzzle against him:
More kisses:
She couldn't get enough!
He'd been having a tough week, and Stella knew just what to do to perk him up again!


Elizabeth said...

That's adorable! Love you Stella!!!

Anonymous said...

Those gray girls sure are sweet. They know just what's needed to get a guy through a tough week!