Thursday, August 20, 2009

Watching DVDs

Our TV is right next to Rocky's cage. In order to put a DVD into the player, you have to squat down right next to his cage. When Thomas and I are both home, this is his responsibility. If I'm home alone, I have to either lock Rocky in his cage while I change the DVD (and then be on the lookout for his feet coming through the cage bars and trying to grab me) or hold him on a stick and attempt to change the DVD one-handed.

Last night, Thomas was a little miffed that I hadn't put the DVD we were going to watch into the player (Why? I'm not sure, as it's been three years that we've had to operate this way).

Rocky was playing on top of his cage.

Thomas: Why didn't you put the DVD in?

Me: Rocky's out. You know that.

Thomas: He's playing on his cage. He wouldn't bother you.

Me: Are we talking about the same macaw?

Thomas goes over there and squats in front of the TV. Rocky immediately races down his cage to be near him.

Me: See why you had to do this?

Thomas: What? He gave me a kiss! You don't want a kiss from him?

Me: I'd love one, but if I were over there, it would have been a bite.

Thomas kept insisting that Rocky would not have had any ill intentions towards me. However, I know better, and I think Thomas does, too.

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